Geelong, a port city like so many others in Australia, has a long and unique history. A staging ground for those looking to make their mark in the Ballarat Gold fields in the mid 1900’s the area would have been a rough and tumble frontier town. In 1925 Geelong became the location of the first Ford Model T ever produced in Australia and of course the city has a long history of shearing, sheds, wool and all things sheep.

Today Geelong is the second largest city in Vitoria and the locals hail it as “the city by the bay” as it opens up onto the scenic Corio bay. Anywhere there is a beautiful bay it is natural to find beautiful beaches and this one is no different. Eastern beach is gorgeous and a real draw during the summer months for visitors and locals alike. Geelong is also the gateway to the Great Ocean Road, arguably one the most scenic roads in Australia.

Geelong’s commercial centre winds down to the foreshore at Eastern Beach allowing visitors to shop, enjoy the colorful gardens, and end up at Cunningham pier where a plethora of dining options await.

Located 75 kilometers from Melbourne, Geelong is a must visit if your looking to see what the state of Victoria has to offer and following this guide will make sure you don’t miss anything.



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