Catch a game of AFL at Simonds Stadium

Catch a Game of AFL


The locals certainly love their AFL, so what better way to experience Geelong than to head to the local stadium and catch a game.

AFL is exhilarating, fast paced and rough, in other words, it’s fantastic to watch, and even better with a crowd of local supporters ooh-ing and ah-ing and every kick, mark, tackle and goal.

The roaring atmosphere and the great venue make this experience a quintessential one in Geelong. A ticket will set you back anywhere from 40 dollars to 130 dollars depending on where you’d like to sit. The upper echelons often have great inclusive offers like the top end Peroni Lounge.

Enjoy some “stadium food” and a cold crisp beer while you watch, but there are also some great pubs close to the stadium for a pre or post match feed or drink.

You could also visit for a tour of everything behind the scenes at the AFL, book through the Geelong Football Club and get a tour through the gym, locker room, warm up area and many other areas of the club.

Everyone gets behind the Geelong Cats as their home ground the atmosphere is electric and the stadium is very kid friendly.

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