Cycling in Geelong

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One of the best ways to explore Geelong  is on two wheels, wind rushing through your hair under the bright blue sky.  There’s lots of things to see on a ride. Better yet, you get to experience it all at your own pace.

There are also some great cycle tours to take. Even if you don’t ride often you can take a tour through some gentle and beautiful areas.

Ride through the picturesque coastal landscape of sculptured esplanades, charming coastal villages, bay views and breathe deeply of that crisp and fresh coastal air.

You have lots of options on a ride through the Geelong, let your interests guide you. There’s fantastic cellar doors to visit, you could plan a trip to see some of the local produce being made or you could stop by all the local art galleries.

Make sure you plan to stop off for a casual meal at one of the fantastic hip café’s where the coffee is just as good as in Melbourne, or plan to end your trip at one of the Geelong’s fine dining establishments.

Take one of the recreation trails to visit all of Geelong’s attractions in one awesome day trip. The Barwon River Trail is approximately 20 kilometers and takes you between Fyansford and South Geelong, offering up picturesque scenery on both banks of the river. It takes you past Queens Park, Balyang Sanctuary, Buckley Falls and more.

Perhaps take the Bay Trail that winds past more than 100 bollards that are scattered along the Geelong foreshore. It’s a great way to see the Geelong Waterfront.

Perhaps take the Bellarine Rail Trail, a 35-kilometer trail that links South Geelong to Queenscliff along the inspiring passage to the many attractions across the Bellarine Peninsula.

For a gentle recreational cycle, think about the Ted Wilson Trail, which follows the alignment of the Geelong Ring Road.  This 12 kilometre shared user path has excellent views and is a popular trail for cyclists.

These trails are fantastic and there are great guided tour options available as well. You could also get really adventurous and simply set off and see what Geelong has to offer. You don’t need to bring your own bike either, bike hire is available in the CBD.

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