Fantastic Botanic Gardens in Geelong


What used to be 200 acres of bare land fringed with exposed bay frontage and adorned with a little weedy vegetation has now evolved into the breathtaking Eastern Park and Geelong Botanic Gardens we see today.

Established over 150years ago the gardens are now listed on the Victorian Heritage Register and the Register of the National Estate due to their beautiful throwbacks to a nostalgic nineteenth century Victorian charm.

Much more than just a garden the park is comprised of a nursery, guided walks, a library, a year round calendar of events and activities, music performances and art classes.

All plants found in amongst the gardens are propagated by the Growing Friends Association who, to complement their horticultural talents have also set themselves up a nursery at the rear end of the Gardens. The plants available in the nursery include an extensive range of perennials and drought tolerant species.

Nestled in amongst lush surroundings the Geelong Botanic Gardens Tea House is a peaceful oasis serving tea and coffee alongside a variety of light lunch and refreshment options. The teahouse has been running for over 20 years, and is still to this day run by those who set it up; The Friends of the Botanic Gardens.  This little café amongst the trees is closed during the Winter months but reopens in spring and runs all through the long Summer saving us all from dehydration and malnourishment as we find ourselves lost in the gardens’ spectacle.

As an alternative to getting lost in the gardens there is also the option to take advantage of the FREE volunteer led guided tours. Taking you on tour of discovery volunteers will lead you through the enchanting scents of heritage roses, teach you which plants to use for baking or help you as you follow your nose in your quest to uncover the curry plants. Visitors have the option of joining a tour group or phoning ahead and booking a guided tour for groups of six or more people.

By Melburnian – Own work, CC BY 2.5,

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