From the Farm to the Table

From the Farm to the Table 3


From the stunning, rich soil and rolling hills of Geelong there sprouts all sorts of fresh and delicious produce.  It’s truly a food and wine lover’s paradise.

Of course there is the ever popular seafood of the area, sourced from the bay and always fresh.  Find delicious fish, scallops, crab, prawns and more, fresh from the boat.

Shop for local produce at the local markets or just stop off along the highway at one of the many seasonal stores, the soil is fertile and conditions are good for most of the year that there’s always something growing in-season and fresh.  Explore the country and taste your way through the state.  

Visit one of the fantastic cellar doors and enjoy some fine cheese and light fare as you sample the best wines of the region or just scout out some of the great, cheap and tasty locations scattered around, look out for the locals, they know where to go.

The coffee scene in Geelong is going bananas, sometimes literally. Fantastic coffee places are springing up and serving up some of the freshest ideas and delicious creamy coffee.  It’s not just the food itself that seems to be undergoing an transformation.  Where we consume the food seems to be shifting.  More and more people are getting creative, with transformed warehouses, renovated corner stores and more quirk than you can shake an ecologically friendly stirring stick at.

There’s also some awesome cooking classes you can take.  Visit the CBD to check out the Ministry of Food and be prepared to go wild with your cooking creations.

Let the creative chefs of the area send you on a scintillating journey.  They love to bring modern twists to old classics and combine cuisines to create culinary wonders.

The produce is fresh and fine, but the eateries are also world class.  Whether you’re after a classic country pub vibe and some wholesome country-style pies or steaks, some sweet homemade delights, a chilled and relaxed cafe break or a first class fine dining experience, it’s all available in Geelong.

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