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Fantastic Botanic Gardens in Geelong

By at June 8, 2017 | 2:11 pm | 0 Comment

What used to be 200 acres of bare land fringed with exposed bay frontage and adorned with a little weedy vegetation has now evolved into the breathtaking Eastern Park and Geelong Botanic Gardens we see today. Established over 150years ago the gardens are now listed on the Victorian Heritage Register and the Register of the National Estate due to their beautiful

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The Beautiful Balyang Sanctuary

By at May 30, 2016 | 2:28 pm | 0 Comment

Once a simple swamp near Geelong, this area has been turned into a wildlife sanctuary and bird watchers delight.  It's a fantastic place to bring the kids and have a picnic - in fact one of the most popular spots in Geelong.You can see all kinds of wildlife. Among the birds you will see are swans, pelicans, Eurasian coot, dusky moorhen, Pacific black duck,

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