The Geelong Naval and Maritime Museum

The Geelong Naval and Maritime Museum

The Geelong Naval and Maritime Museum is a fantastic place to visit in Geelong.

The early story of Geelong is of the sea itself, with passenger arrivals and departures, trade, scientific knowledge and the stories of the region’s ancestors flowing from the naval activities of the past.

The maritime past of Geelong is on display in the renovated stables of the historical Osborne House mansion that overlooks Corio Bay.

You’ll see some astoundingly detailed scale models of the ships that visited Geelong or called the port home, as well as some fascinating relics of naval trade and navigation.

See what the typical luggage and accommodation was for a passenger at that time, keeping in mind that there were no plane journeys that were measured in hours, getting from one continent to another was a matter of weeks or months at sea.

Osborne House, the museum building itself, also has some history, having served as a military hospital, a home for the J Class Submarine of the Royal Australian Navy and an army training centre during WW2.

The museum is staffed by a community group that do it for the love of it. As such you might be lucky enough to run into one of these passionate historians. The tales they have to tell and the entertainment and education they can provide for the kids is invaluable.

Find the museum on Swinburn Street in North Geelong.

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